Established in 2015 by Managing Director Mark McClure and CFO Paula Wallem and headquartered in Miami, GenX Capital Partners initially focused on providing debt and equity financing to experienced real estate professionals while also participating as investors in the GP side of the capital stack in specific cases. However, in 2020, the company expanded its scope to include internal financing and construction of their own projects which included residential communities, condo developments, hospitality and mixed-use projects, incorporating both "Jr" and "Big Box" retailers.

With a commitment to development and acquisitions in the residential, hospitality, and retail sectors, GenX Capital currently manages a portfolio exceeding $150 million in development at any given time. McClure emphasized the firm's dual strategy, stating, "While we place a strong emphasis on our own account in development and acquisitions, we continue to close debt and equity capital for select clients and actively participate alongside the GP on a deal by deal basis. "